Top Reasons Hospital Cleanliness Is Important

Top Reasons Hospital Cleaniness Is Important


We all make an effort to make sure that our homes and workplaces are as clean as possible.  However, that same effort needs to be doubled-down on when it comes to the cleaning of hospitals, clinics, and medical settings.  Making sure that your medical office cleaning procedures are routinely maintained will go a long way to make sure that infections are kept at bay.

It is crucial that you remember that any patients that have been exposed to a medical type setting, no matter for what reason or for how long, are among the most susceptible to the contraction of infections.  Those who take care of those very same patients are also vulnerable, and as a result, are to be kept both safe and healthy as well.

In a nutshell, the cleanliness of your health care facility will be directly related to the number of infections that may occur.  These types of infections are referred to in a broad term as healthcare-associated infections, or HCAI\’s.  And, the sure fired manner to keep these HCAI’s under control is by way of making sure your facility is maintained in a cleanly manner.

C.diffcule (C.diff)

One such HCAI is that of Clostridioides difficule, or C.diff.  This particular infection presents primarily with intestinal related symptoms, such as colon inflammation and diarrhea and is estimate to cause up to almost half a million illnesses in the United States alone each and every year.  It is also estimated that of those who contract C.diff, one out of every six will contract the disease in the subsequent following two to eight weeks.

  1. diff is undeniably a very uncomfortable infection to contract, but it is also deadly in those individuals who are considered most vulnerable. In most individuals, the infection is more inconvenient than deadly, and the contraction of the infection can be highly mitigated by making sure your facilities are cleaned to the proper protocols.

MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococccus Aureus)

This type of infection, commonly referred to as MRSA, is presented by a staph bacteria that has become all but completely resistant to any of the antibiotics currently used to both combat and treat those infections that are created by the more ordinary staph types.

In most cases, the MRSA infections that are seen today are present in those individuals that have experienced a recent hospital stay or a stay in some other type of medical or health care setting.  MRSA is also seen in those who are residents of nursing homes, or who regularly visit a dialysis center.  Invasive type surgeries also see cases of MRSA developing as well.

A mild skin irritation is the most that presents with MRSE in those individuals who are more or less healthy.  However, in cases where the individual may have a compromised immune system, MRSA may result in an infection in the bloodstream and the lungs.

Those Who Provide Healthcare

As mentioned above, these illnesses are, for the most part, preventable through the proper process of maintaining a strict cleaning schedule.  However, there is one other factor that can cause the spread of viruses and infection that again rely on your facility\’s cleanliness.  That factor is those who work to keep you safe and healthy—your doctors and healthcare providers.

When approached with the question, four out of ten healthcare workers admitted that yes—they do come to work if they are sick or not feeling well.  When they do this, they expose all the patients they come in contact with, and those same patients are subsequently five times more susceptible to contracting one or another HCAI through their exposure to the very person who works to keep them healthy.

It is pretty much impossible to get the percentage of those affected down to 0%, the best chance is in cleaning.  By keeping healthcare facilities as clean as possible, the possibility of the transmission of illnesses is reduced significantly.

As a facility manager, you will need to remain vigilant in the fight to ward off any possible infections and their transmissions.  Proper medical office cleaning practices, and their maintenance, is sure to put tip the odds in your favor in your presenting an environment free of infections.

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