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Building Maintenance FAQ

A building janitor is a custodian or cleaner who is responsible for cleaning and maintaining a building, including its interior and exterior. They may also perform additional tasks such as taking out the trash, restocking bathroom supplies, and vacuuming carpets.

The word "building" can refer to any type of structure, such as offices, factories, churches, schools and many more. The word "maintenance" can refer to the act of making sure that somebody or something stays in good condition by doing work on them.


A building maintenance company generally provides services that are related to maintaining buildings. This includes scrubbing floors and sweeping up broken glass from sidewalks outside buildings when it rains; providing basic cleaning for offices; or routine preventative maintenance for large commercial properties. In other words,

Professional maintenance companies offer a variety of services, including lawn care, landscaping, irrigation system installation and repair, tree trimming and removal, pest control, snow removal, and pressure washing.


System4 of Phoenix also offers the following services:

Handyman, electrical, day porter, plumbing, window cleaning, carpets, high-dusting, HVAC, kitchen cleaning, strip & wax, construction cleanup.


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Day Porter:

  • A day porter is typically a daytime facility management professional.
  • They are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of the facility during regular business hours.
  • Day porters often perform tasks such as cleaning common areas, restocking supplies, and assisting with minor maintenance issues.
  • They may also provide additional services like meeting setup, managing deliveries, and addressing immediate cleaning needs as they arise throughout the day.
  • Day porters play a crucial role in ensuring a clean and well-maintained workspace for employees and visitors while the facility is operational.



  • A janitor, on the other hand, typically works after business hours or during non-operational times.
  • Their primary responsibility is to perform thorough cleaning and maintenance tasks once the facility is vacant.
  • Janitors focus on deep cleaning, including tasks like vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and sanitizing restrooms.
  • They often handle tasks that require more time and attention, such as floor waxing, carpet cleaning, and window washing.
  • Janitors ensure that the workspace is ready and pristine for the next business day.



In summary, while both day porters and janitors contribute to maintaining a clean and functional workspace, the key distinction lies in their work hours and the nature of their tasks. Day porters keep the facility clean and presentable during the day, while janitors perform more extensive cleaning and maintenance work during non-operational hours. The choice between the two depends on your facility's specific needs and the level of cleanliness and maintenance required.

Our Facility Management Solutions

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Clean Carpets Will Improve Your Work Environment
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Commercial Kitchens

Have Your Commercial Kitchen Health Inspection Ready

Construction Cleanup

All the Mess, None of the Stress: Post-Construction with Ease
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Day Porters

Making Your Workplace Shine, Day In and Day Out

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Powering Your Business
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Tackle Your To Do List With Our Handyman Service
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High Dusting

Remove Dust and Cobwebs From Hard To Reach Areas
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Comfortably Cool
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A Fresh Coat of Paint for Your Business

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Pest Control

Keep Your Business Bug-Free
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Maintain or Restore Your Plumbing Fixtures & Pipes
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Power Washing

Clean, Fast and Professional Power Washing

Strip & Wax

Shine Bright – Professional Strip and Wax Services
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Keep Your Windows Sparkling Clean
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Facilities We Clean

Cleaner Facilities, Happier Employees

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