Top Five Facility Management Challenges

Top Five Facility Management Challenges


The very purpose of having a facility or office manager is so that when those little and big challenges crop up, there is an individual pre-designated to look at the problem and present resolutions—such as coming up with a viable and professional commercial cleaning service.  A qualified manager will be able to recognize the challenges as they present themselves, and subsequently offer possible effective and efficient methods to overcome those same challenges.

  1. Making Do

When taking on the maintaining of a facility or business, there are a lot of expectations from both the owner as well as the customers or clients.  As a result, more often than not, when attempting to meet these expectations, you may find that your plans are grand, but your budget—well—not so grand.  In the instances you may find yourself pondering on—what do I do next?

First off, you will need to crunch the numbers so that you know just how much you have upfront to work with.  This may involve such actions as completing an up-to-date inventory of those supplies and equipment you have on hand.

With this information in hand, you will be better able to determine the time and money you need compared to what you readily have on hand.  You will also need to make sure that the staffing you have is enough to get the jobs you need to be done.

  1. Resource Extension

When those more significant ticket items decide to go down, such as your facilities HVAC, it is never at a convenient time.  As such, you are suddenly finding yourself with a pretty sizeable chunk missing from your bank account.  You need to make a priority to maintain these types of systems, or else when they do go out, you only have yourself to blame for the headache it will cause.

Make sure that you take the time to schedule routine maintenance to keep these types of systems in their tip-top running shape.  With the maintaining of a schedule, you will assure that those more significant investments that are much more costly will continue to perform for you for a long time down the road.

  1. Control Of Costs

An accurate and up to date inventory is one of the most effective means of keeping a tight reign on your operating costs.  Taking the initiative to negotiate prices with your vendors frequently can show a significant result in your bottom line as well.

Inventory, purchased from vendors, may include but not be limited to those paper products required for your restrooms, as well as those items such as light bulbs that may be needed for the lighting throughout your facility.

  1. Vendor Vetting

When it comes to the work that will need to be done in your office or facility, the action of outsourcing a portion may prove the most financial option in the end.  If this is something that may be of use to your situation, make sure that you ask any potential candidate:

  • Is there a high turnover rate with your staff?
  • Are background checks performed on your staff?
  • Are routine inspections conducted to keep work that is done up to expectations?
  • May I have access to both current and pasts clients.
  1. Keep Good Records

When it comes to facility maintenance, whether you choose to outsource it or not, the challenge of keeping accurate and up-to-date records comes into play.  By making sure that all the t\’s are crossed and the I\’s dotted, you will rest assured that if needed, your records will be current and at your fingertips.

With the many systems that are in use with any facility, the ability to have current and accurate records if, and when they are needed, will assure that you will save any unnecessary expense that may come your way in the future.

Any business owner, no matter what type of business they are operating, will tell you that there is day to day challenges, as well as unexpected ones to deal with.  Having to add in your commercial cleaning and maintenance into that list of issues to solve, in this day and time, is avoidable.  With proper forethought and due-diligence, you will be able to resolve any solution thrown at you.

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