The Importance of a great janitorial service & Office Cleanliness. System4 of Phoenix

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Office Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness

It may be tough to think about the cleanliness of your office or your janitorial service when you have so many things going on during an average business day. We get it! Nevertheless, taking a little time to to figure it out now could save you and your staff that one precious thing that we all seem to not have enough of – TIME.  And if you don\’t have the time to clean your office yourself, let certified professionals take care of all the dirty work for you. Here are some reasons why keeping a clean office pays off.

Make Good First Impressions

We’ve all heard the old adage; “You only get one chance to make a good first impression”. More importantly are you losing business because you’re office is giving prospective clients the wrong impression? When prospective clients come into a dirty office, they might get the idea that the people who work there simply don\’t care about their jobs. Disorganized desks and dusty counters will project the wrong image about your business. It’s important to project, from the moment clients step through the door, that you have a team that cares about getting results.

And we know that first impressions are critical because they tend to stick with people for a long time. If a client came in one day and saw a dirty, messy office, it wouldn\’t really matter how it looked the next day, would it? They\’d unfortunately remember what it looked like the day that they saw your dirty, messy office. Hiring a professional cleaning crew can ensure that your clients don\’t ever catch your office having a bad day.

Office Cleanliness Translates into Productivity

Studies show that a clean office increases productivity. On the flip side an unclean office can be a breeding ground for the germs that cause colds and the flu, resulting in more time-off for sick days. A dusty office will also aggravate your employees’ allergies, which also reduces productivity. Keeping your office clean, while reducing germs and dust will ultimately keep your employees healthier, especially if you have lots of people coming in and out your place of business on a daily basis.
Setting the tone to having a clean office can reap many rewards for you and your business. The impact of making great first impressions for prospective clients and increasing the productivity of your team should not be be underestimated. Consider taking advantage of all the benefits of a neat and clean office by letting a professional cleaning service take care of this important chore for you.

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