Protecting The Health And Wellness Of Your Building Tenants


When it comes to the well-being of the employees in your workplace, there is more to be considered than commercial cleaning.  Although a cleaning routine does and will play a crucial step in your overall strategy, other areas are just as important and need addressing.

As the lockdowns begin to lift, and businesses get back to work, the first thought of concern on the minds of your employees will be that of both safety and sanitation.  Many have gotten used to the work-from-home remote employment lifestyle, and as such, coaxing your workers back into the office setting may prove a little daunting.  The virus will have many rethinking their priorities, and that is where you come in—providing your employees a safe, welcome, and healthy transition back into their workspace.

Protocols For Cleaning

When considering which cleaners to stock for your facility, it is suggested that you transition from the more substantial commercial grades to those who provide you with a safer set of ingredients.  It would also be of benefit that you update your staff on cleaning protocols and routine cleaning schedules, as these will be established in the minds of your employees upon returning to their work environment.

HVAC Maintenance

In studies conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the quality of an office setting's indoor air has been linked to multiple illnesses, such as asthma.  This is why it is good to establish a regular maintenance strategy, which should include the replacement of your system's filters.  This maintenance should also include periodic testing of the outdoor return air that is filtering into your facility, to assure it is as optimal quality.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that with the recent smoking restrictions put into place in many workplaces, the quality of health has improved for many Americans.  Many companies have jumped on board the smoking ban and have put into place full smoking bans in their facilities and on their campuses. The companies have made accommodations for those employees who smoke, with designated areas away from the building entrance and off the beaten path.


Proper hydration is a paramount health concern for your employees, and as such, it should be as relevant to you as an employer.  With the move to doing away with disposable bottles and using refillable versions, many employers are now offering water fill stations or ice/water dispensers at the workplace.  These water stations must be cleaned regularly, along with the maintenance of any filters.  This will ensure that water is not only consistently provided, but offered at the highest quality possible.

It is no secret that, with the introduction of the recent coronavirus pandemic into our everyday lives, there has been a movement towards healthy buildings. The commercial cleaning of facilities and buildings has gained momentum as a result.  However, other areas need to be considered that are just as vital if your employees are going to experience well-being in the office workplace.

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